NASHVILLE, TN (Monday, August 7, 2023) – SKI Autosports’ Johnny O’Connell departs Nashville with more trophies from the GT America series – a race victory, two Masters’ Class wins and a runner-up finish today in the second race staged at the Music City Grand Prix.

“Winning yesterday, taking the Master’s Class win both days coupled with today’s second overall, it’s been a great weekend in Nashville.

“We’ve taken the lead in the Master’s class and moved into the top 5 in the overall points which is amazing since we missed the first two races of the year” said Kent Hussey, SKI Autosports team owner.

“There wasn’t much Johnny could do today, we were closing on the race winner when the last caution came out, but by the time the  second incident was cleared there wasn’t enough time to mount another charge.

“Melissa and I are so proud of the entire team.  They all put in a terrific effort tis weekend and the results showed.

“This is only our second race weekend with the Audi, and we are so proud of the team getting the car set up and dialed in. We believed when we switched cars that the Audi would be competitive and it has proven itself.  

“The event is moving to September 2024 and it appears that SRO will be back next year.  We’re leaving Nashville with some great  first time memories and look forward to competing here again.

Next up for SKI Autosports is Road America August 18-20 for Round 7 of the 9-race championship


“Pretty great weekend for us at SKI Autosport.  We got the win last evening, which was probably one of the most difficult races I’ve ever run. If you watch the darn thing, you’ll see that my driver ID, neon thing behind me fell down.  So most of the race I had what was a like a strobe light shining in my eyes, making it really challenging.  We had a great race today finishing second. Daskalos and the Mercedes was a bit quicker but we closed the gap within a tenth, I just needed a long run and I think I could have gotten him.  I’m really proud of everyone at SKI Autosport, Rossella (Manfrinato) again gave me an amazing car. The entire team, Kent and Melissa are great.  I’m loving this, every lap I’m feeling stronger and getting back to where I used to be. Stay hungry, we’re going to keep digging.”