SEBRING, FL (Wednesday, February 21, 2024) – 2023 GT America Masters Championship team SKI Autosports turned its first testing laps with their newly acquired Audi R8 LMS EVO II at Sebring International Raceway this week at Sebring.

The team has updated from its older version Ferrari and previous edition of the Audi R8 to the updated Audi for the 2024 SRO GT America Powered by AWS championship. This week, the team hit the track for the first time to test with their full-time driver and multi-time championship winner, Johnny O’Connell, and international gold rated driver, British racer,  Matt Bell.

SKI Autosport completed two days of running this week in preparation for the GT America championship opening round at Sonoma Raceway on April 5-7.

“We acquired the new car in November and spent the winter getting the car prepped for the 2024 season.  Getting to the track for testing was critical for us.  Fortunately, we were able to learn a lot about the car in almost 500 miles around the always challenging Sebring track”, said team owner Kent Hussey.  

“It was a perfect opportunity for us to come to Sebring, where Johnny has so many wins that the team jokingly refers to him as Mr. Sebring.

“We plan to have Matt (Bell) come along later in the year for a race or two when he has time between his full-time racing obligations. He brings a great knowledge of the Audi R8.

“The combination of our engineer Rossella Manfrinato and our outstanding team managed by Philip Creighton Motorsport, we gained a lot of information from this outing. As with most testing, we tried many options that will be valuable when we start the racing season at Sonoma.”


“As someone who spent the majority of his career racing for factories (25 years), I have to say that last year racing for SKI Autosports was one of my most favorite experiences in racing so far.

“A tiny little team with ten-year-old cars, we became family. Winning the Masters Class Championship, getting overall wins and multiple podiums with barely any testing, the results were due to the talent and hunger of everyone on the team.

“Looking to 2024, there is a passion and drive from Kent and Melissa to win the overall championship and well Christmas came early in the form of a new Audi. Needless to say I’m looking forward to the challenge and also to delivering for them.

“With our team of Phil and Rossella, Alton and Raphael – and a whole lot of desire and commitment to the goal, I expect next season to be one of my best ever.”



“I’m very happy to be back with SKI Autosports after our initial run at the Classic Daytona 24 a couple of years ago.

“We are testing the brand-new Audi R8 GT3 car, and it’s everyone’s chance to get acquainted with the car.

“There are some very talented teams and drivers here, so we have a good barometer, and we are in the ballpark on times with them.

“The guys and girls on the team are quickly getting their heads wrapped around the car. It’s great to be here with Johnny O’Connell. It’s always a pleasure sharing the seat with that legend of the sport.

“Thanks to Kent and Melissa for having me, and I know we have started a good notebook on this car, which will pay off all season.”